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Grace Bible Chapel, Fullerton is a gathering of Christians who are seeking to live out their Christian faith in keeping with the New Testament’s pattern for the church and individual Christian life. We are evangelical in a theological sense, not so much in a political sense. In keeping with the demographics of Southern California, Grace is a multi-ethnic group. We have three fellowships that meet on Sunday mornings: English, Romanian, and Korean. In our English group there are families who are Indian, Sri Lankan, Kenyan, Philippino, Latino, and caucasian. 

Grace is a non-denominational church but we do maintain ties to several hundred other evangelical churches in the U.S. We are not a confessional church in that we do not strictly align our theology with a particular confession (e.g. Westminster Confession, Thirty-Nine Articles). However, we would theologically agree to the major orthodox Christian creeds and deeply appreciate much of the wisdom in the major protestant confessions. Historically we trace our roots to the “open” side of the Plymouth Brethren movement. 

Our goal is not to build a large organization or religious structure. However, we do believe that God has called us to go into the world and preach the gospel. As a result we do desire to grow by seeing people trust Christ as savior.

Music is a large part of life in churches today. While we do read much about singing and praise in the scriptures, we are concerned that in many churches “atmosphere” (especially music) is a make-or-break it factor. This emphasis is not found in the Scriptures. Instead the gospel, theological truth, righteousness, and justice before God are of highest priority. We are seeking to maintain a balance in our approach to music. We employ both historic Christian hymnody and are open to including more contemporary music when it is theologically sound. Grace does not employ professional musicians. As with all of the ministry at Grace, we use the the gifts and talents found within our local congregation. 

Politics. Grace seeks to remain politically neutral. Jesus taught that His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36). We do not seek to align ourselves with a particular political party. Having said, we also know that God calls Christians to live righteously and justly in whatever country they find themselves. We are instructed to pray for those in authority over us (1 Timothy 2:2); to pay taxes where they are due (Romans 13:7). We are under no delusion that money, education or a political agenda can save the world. Scripture indicates that because of human brokenness (i.e sin), society will not rise to a golden age – centuries of human history have demonstrated this (2 Peter 3:3). Even technology, blessing that it can be, ultimately magnifies the good and evil of the human heart. Christ alone is the Savior of the world.