Our Leadership

Grace Bible Chapel follows a leadership model known as “Biblical eldership.” This is likely the oldest form of leadership going back to the primitive church of the pages of the New Testament. While God regularly uses other forms of leadership, our local church follows this pattern. It amounts to leadership by a team of equal volunteer elder/shepherd/pastors who share the job of caring for our local church family. This team is aided by others who form a working group of men that pray and work through the decisions of the local church; from mundane (roof repairs) to highly important (spiritual care of the church family).

Ken & Carol Daughters

Ken Daughters is one of the shepherding elders at Grace. Ken has shepherded at local churches in both California and Iowa. For many years Ken was the president of Emmaus Bible College. Currently he lives in Fullerton and works at Biola University. Ken is married to Carol, who grew up as a “missionary kid” in South America. Ken regularly preaches at Grace and elsewhere throughout the country. Carol organize much of the food and hospitality events (e.g. “Cooking with Grace” program). You won’t get by Carol without a smile and warm conversation.

G.V. Mathai

G.V. is the president emeritus of India Evangelical Mission (Click Here https://indiaevangelical.org ). G. V. regularly ministers in India throughout much of the year

Jesse and Ella Gentile

Jesse carries out much of the teaching at Grace along with Ken. He helps out with music, web work, and administrative work at Grace. Jesse is completing his PhD in theology at Fuller Seminary, and has an MA in philosophy at Biola university and an MaBS in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Ella is an experienced California and Florida attorney She attended UCLA for undergrad and Florida State for law school.

Jason and Fanny John

Much of the work at Grace is conducted but a small busy team of brothers in Christ. This includes Jason John who coordinates many of the administrative type activities at Grace. Jason has been attending Grace his entire life and is an active business owner. Fanny is active in the ladies ministry at Grace and leads the ladies prayer meetings.

Jimmy and Malou John

Jimmy grew up in fellowship at Grace Bible Chapel along with his brothers Justin and Jason. Their family has a long history here. Jimmy serves with the team at Grace that carries out much of the administrative work. His wife Malou is also active at grace. She brings a warm smile and multilingual conversation to friends and families she meets. 

Richard and Nisha Gunasekara

Dr. Richard Gunasekara is from Sri Lanka. Currently he teaches biology and genetics research at Biola University. Dr. Nisha is an anesthesiologist. Richard is part of the leadership team at Grace. Both he and Nisha also help with music when needed.